Did you make resolutions this year?  Do you begin the new  year with a sense that things are starting anew and there are new goals to be made and adventures to plan?  Most people report a sense of thinking about the new year for new possibilities, resolutions or not.  No matter what you resolve to do, remember these 4 truths about life change to help make your new plans successful:

Truth #1:  We live in the real world.  No matter what you want to accomplish, keeping your expectations realistic can help you achieve your goals and move toward success.  If you set your expectations too high, you will most likely burn out and give up.

Truth#2:  Do not rob Peter to pay Paul.  For example, if you begin an intense exercise program and decrease your time working or with family, eventually these areas of your life may become problematic.  Add in the exercise program, but do so in a way that works with your current life obligations.

Truth#3:  Magic pills don’t exist.  This is a time that products and marketing campaigns will try to sell you on miracle products or programs.  Change always requires discipline, time and energy, so don’t fall for the magic pill sales pitch.

Truth#4:  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Most goals take many, many steps to accomplish.  There is a slow and steady way to get there, but it requires one small step at a time.  Set up bench marks for yourself along the way to help you see progress, even if it is slow.  It takes about 6 weeks of doing/not doing something daily to develop a habit. 

With these in mind, you may be able to set some realistic goals for yourself in 2014 and find a way (slow and steady) to reach them. 

If you find that you are feeling stuck or unable to move toward the goals that you want for yourself, there may be some deeper questions to ask.  Is fear of success or failure causing you to stand still?  Are you unsure what you want for yourself and your life?  Do you find yourself stuck in the past and not able to move forward?  Do you struggle with anxiety or depression that keep you from taking active steps toward your goals?  If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you may benefit from some psychotherapy to address the blocks in your life.  Call or email a licensed professional today and take the step to find healing and wholeness in your life today.


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