Seven Secrets to Self-Care

Seven Secrets to Self-Care

Self-care:  easier said than done!  Most people know about it, know that it is important, but many struggle with implementing it into their lives.  Each week as I sit with people, I find myself encouraging self-care to improve mental and emotional health.  So, I decided to compile a list here of things that may help jump start your self-care or give you some more options to consider.

   hearts1.  Think Passion. 

     Think about what you like to do, now think about what you love to do.  How can you incorporate this into your life more and more?


2.       Focus on your body.  healthy_body

What do you do to care for your body?  What are you neglecting?  Taking care of your body can mean pampering, such as massage or a facial, but it can also mean making a dentist appointment, exercise, or eating a salad.

3.       Consider your mind. 

Scanning of a human brain by X-raysWhat do you tend to think about?  What engages you mentally?  Adding some mental stimulation to your life can be important.  This could be reading a book, going to a museum, learning about something new online or just reading National Geographic.  Mental and intellectual pursuits can renew your mind and engage it again.

4.       Uplift your spirit. 

Every person has a spiritual side.  For some, this is a religious pursuit, for othersrefresh it can be connecting with nature or with meditation.  When was the last time you renewed your spirit?  Take time to attend a service, pray, meditate or commune with nature.

5.       Express yourself. 

artistic-expression-12722909This is an important part of emotional self-care.  There are many different forums that you can use:  art, music, writing, dance.  Take some time to express yourself, connect with your emotional side and feel the freedom that comes with it!


6.       Go Deeper. 

If these things seem too selfish or if they seem like a luxury that you just don’t have time for, consider exploring those thoughts a little further.  If self-care seems too overwhelming for you, it may be good to process through those thoughts with a trusted friend or with a therapist.  Getting to the root of the things that keep you from taking care of yourself could be the best step you ever take!

7.       Take Baby Steps. 

There are many different ideas listed here and it might be impossible to do all of baby-stepsthem, and certainly too much to do all at once.  Pick one small thing and add it to your life once a week.  As you do this, you will likely have more energy and begin to add more of these self-care items to your life.  Before you know it, you may be feeling better!


Rachel Harrison, LPC, NCC has a private therapy practice in Durango, CO.



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