5 Tips to Keep the Holiday Cheer

As promised, here is the follow up from the last post on Holiday Blues.  There are active steps that you can take to help this season be a bit more merry and bright for you.  Try the tips below and hopefully you will find some holiday cheer this year!

 5 Tips for Keeping Holiday Cheer

5 tips To Keep the Holiday Cheer

1.     Take a Moment to think about this holiday season.  What do you love about it?  What fills you up?  Write it down and make it a priority in your holiday schedule.

2.    Embrace beauty this season.  Find a beautiful view, a light display, a Christmas cantata…something that allows some beauty in.  Allow yourself to be fully present to embrace the moment.

3.    Look over your holiday ‘to do’ list.  Now, go through it and cross off 2-3 items that are less important.  Also, ask yourself, ‘What can I do to make these things a bit easier?’ (i.e.: use gift bags instead of gift wrap, buy cookies instead of baking them, etc.)

4.    Breathe.  It sounds so simple, but it is really difficult to do.  Take moments throughout each day to just stop and breathe.  Feel the air moving in  and out of your body for a few moments.  You will regain perspective by taking this simple step.

5.    Plan for relationship challenges.  Everyone has some family stressors and/ or losses this time of year.  If you will be visiting someone who is difficult, take time to plan some ways to make your trip more pleasant (and an escape route if necessary!)  if this time of year brings up losses, take some time to do something to honor the Memories of loved ones.


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