Holiday Blues

‘Tis the season, you can see it all around.  Christmas decorations are emerging in the stores, advertisements for toys appear, the weather is getting colder (at least here in Durango!).  It is that time of year…again.

For some people, this season brings feelings of ‘good cheer’.  But for many others, the holidays are laced with sadness, grief and even anger.  Longing and loneliness often emerge this time of year for people who otherwise are feeling just fine in their day to day lives.  There are so many reasons for this.  Sometimes it is the life changes that may make one holiday season different than the next.  It can be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a child leaving the nest, and many, many other stressors.

If you are one of these individuals who dread the holiday season or just try to get through it, perhaps there is a different way to approach it this year.  Perhaps there is just a glint of hope that could get you through or even help you enjoy pieces of the season.  Often the expected sentiments of this season simply bring to mind a reality of life change or loss.  The season reminds you, but it isn’t actually creating the issue.  The issue, whatever it may be, exists.  Maybe it just gets buried throughout the rest of the year.  Maybe it is worse because of an anniversary of loss this time of year.  Either way, this season may be presenting you with an opportunity to address the loss, grief or life change.

Talking to a licensed, professional counselor is a great place to start.  Most counselors will do an assessment and some history taking at the first session to understand what is going on for you and to recommend the best course of treatment.  This may include many different options, but it is a safe, confidential place to start.

This year, don’t let the holiday blues get the best of you!  Check back next week to read more on ideas on how to stay healthy through the holidays!  Click here for tips to combat the holiday blues.


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