Adoption Awareness

Adoption Awareness

November is officially, National Adoption Awareness Month.  This is proclaimed from the Whitehouse,, set forth for our nation to honor the institution of adoption.

So, what does this mean for you?  If you are an adoptive family, chances are this is a time to celebrate the way your family came to be.  If you are considering adoption, this may be a chance for you to attend local event or learn more about the adoption process.  If you are neither of the above, chances are your life has still been impacted by adoption in one way or another.  It may be that you have friends who have adopted, or perhaps one of your coworkers.  Maybe you know a child who is in need of a forever family, or maybe you are a mother in need of someone to care for her child.

Adoption is everywhere, even in the movies.  Consider Despicable Me, with a theme revolving around the adoption of 3 young girls.  The movie was funny, to be sure, but what started out as a ‘bad guy’ adopting little girls for his own ends, turns into the story of a man being changed by the influence of his three little girls.  The audience watches them become connected on the screen and bond with each other.  Although this is a very simplistic version of the adoption process, the themes are true.  Adoption creates bonds, forms families.  Children who did not have homes, now do.  Parents who had more room for children in their lives, are now full.

How are you interacting with adoption in your community?  There are many opportunities to support adoption, but sometimes the best way to engage is by interacting with those closest to you.  Perhaps you can take a little time this month to do something to honor adoption.  This may be by supporting an adoptive family that you know.  Or, perhaps you would like to learn more about how to support adoptive families. ‘ In On It’ by Elizabeth O’Toole is a great read for anyone who wants to know more about adoption or support their family or friends who are adopting.  Adoptive Families Magazine also publishes a list of adoption activities for the month,  Lastly if you are local, you can come to a book club and read/discuss adoption related books or go to a free informational seminar on adoption.  For local resources, go to,

Whatever you choose to do, you can know that you have supported adoption this month by taking some time to be aware and to honor those influenced by adoption around you.


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